Job Title: Operations Manager
Location: Rosebank, Johannesburg
Job Type: Full-time – Working In House

About Us:

STRONG CORP is a dynamic and innovative agency with sub business under our portfolios based in Rosebank, Johannesburg and expanding . We specialize in creating memorable events and impactful marketing campaigns and more. Our team is driven by passion, creativity, and a commitment to excellence. As we continue to grow, we are seeking a dedicated Operations Manager to join our team and contribute to the success of various projects within a range of business portfolios under the STRONG CORP umbrella.

Job Overview:

As the Operations Manager at STRONG CORP, you will play a crucial role in overseeing the day-to-day operations of the BUSINESSES . You will work closely with the leadership team to ensure the smooth execution of projects, efficient utilization of resources, and the overall success of our BRANDS.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Operational Planning: Collaborate with the leadership team to develop and implement operational strategies aligned with the ALL THE companies goals and objectives. Supports with planning and execute operational plans for events, marketing campaigns, and PR projects.
  • Resource Management: Efficiently allocate and manage resources, including personnel, equipment, and materials, to meet project requirements. Coordinate with different departments to ensure seamless collaboration and resource utilization.
  • Process Optimization:
Identify opportunities for process improvement and implement streamlined workflows to enhance operational efficiency.
Regularly assess and optimize internal processes to align with industry best practices.
  • Vendor and Supplier Management:
Liaise with vendors, suppliers, and partners to negotiate contracts and ensure timely delivery of services and products.
Maintain strong relationships with key partners to enhance collaboration and project outcomes.
  • Quality Assurance:
Implement and monitor quality assurance processes to uphold the highest standards in event execution, marketing deliverables, and PR campaigns.
Conduct post-project evaluations to gather feedback and insights for continuous improvement.
  • Budget Oversight:
Work with the finance team to develop and manage budgets for operations, ensuring cost-effectiveness and adherence to financial guidelines.
  • Team Leadership:
Lead, mentor, and motivate the team, fostering a positive and collaborative work environment.
Provide guidance and support to team members to ensure successful project delivery.
  • Risk Management:
Identify potential risks and develop risk mitigation strategies to minimize the impact on project timelines and outcomes.
  • Finance management: Practice basic accounting and financial management for all businesses under portfolio management.


Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, Operations Management, or a related field.
Proven experience in operations management, preferably in the events, marketing, or PR industry.
Strong organizational and leadership skills.
Excellent communication and interpersonal abilities.
Ability to thrive in a fast-paced and dynamic work environment.

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